Geek Week is an annual event organized by ACM Student Chapter of FAST-NU Lahore.


NUCES-ACM Student Chapter was established on 12th of April, 2001. Since then, the chapter has been working hard to advance the science & art of information processing and polishing their technical and administrative skills. NUCES-ACM frequently organizes various programming, software, quiz and gaming competitions, short courses, workshops and seminars for the students of the university throughout the year. The successful holding and completion of these events has only added to the growing fame of NUCES-ACM as being the premier ACM Chapter in the country. The recent event that the society organized was ICPC Regional that turned out to be a great success.

NUCES-ACM is one of the prestigious societies of FAST-NU which is formulating GEEK WEEK’15 The participants of the events are also from renowned universities of different countries with engineering as their major field of study and who are also eager to learn something new and gain experience from the event. Geek Week is considered one of the biggest Computer Science and IT extravaganzas in South Asia. Students and professionals bring forth their work and well-known researchers and academicians will be invited to judge the competition.


Distributed Programming Competition

This year we're excited to announce the introduction of a brand new track called Distributed programming competition. Those...

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Dev Fest - Mobile App Development

DevFest is evolved from the idea of consecutive lengthy hours of application development. Here participants from various universities get...

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Geek Innovator Idea Competition

The Geek Innovator Ideas Competition’15’ would be of tech based entrepreneurial ideas. This benchmark event brought to you by Plan...

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Cryptic Hunting

For the first time at GeekWeek, NUCES ACM presents, a mind boggling hunt. Each team will be given one separate starting clue. Each...

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Cipher Crypto Hacking

Cryptohacking is where security engineering meets mathematics. It is mainly used for the study of methods for obtaining the meaning of...

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Geek Wars

This phase is another interesting feature of GEEK WEEK 15. Geek Wars is time based competition having mathematical and IQ based questions...

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Gaming Arcade

Working successfully in today’s time one needs to take voluntary yet correct decision and gaming has always been said a source to learn...

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Poster Designing

Through this activity not only the use of computer software ability of participants will be polished but they will have a chance to pour their...

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Ammar Bukhari


Fahad Jabbar

Senior Vice Chairperson

Hunain Mehmood

Competitions Chairperson

Talha Naveed

Event Coordinator

Asfand Shabbir

Vice Chairperson

Moazzam Warraich

Vice Chairperson

Ahmed Zia

Marketing Chairperson

Shiza Asad

Assistant Vice Chairperson

Abdullah Warraich


Anees Rao

General Secretary

Haseeb Danyal

General Secretary

Bilal Saleem

Head, DPC-National

Bilal Rao

Head, Dev-Fest

Salman Azhar

Head, Geek Wars

Haseeb Elahi

Head, Poster Designing

Abdussami Tayyab

Head, Cipher Cryptography

Jahanzeb Shabbir

Head, Project Competition

Faheem ud Din

Head, Gaming

Asad Khan

Head, Infrastructure & Logistics

Zara Khalid

Head, Invitations & Documentation

Rida Amjad

Head, Reception

Usama Altaf

Head, Security

Aethisham Bin Ahmed

Head, Curator

Maria Khalid

Head, Interior Decoration

Saleh Riaz Qureshi

Head, Media & Promotions

Zain Iftikhar

Head, Office & Registration

Mudassar Shareef

Head, Accommodation & Participant Relations

Raabya Zahid

Head, Ceremonies

Farquleet Baig

Incharge Ambassador Drive

Muhammad Raza Bandesha

Head, Food Court

Salman Bin Razwan

Manager Marketing

Rehan Qazi

Incharge Photography

Hamza Chaudhary


Anila Nadeem

Mahnoor Nadeem

Amna Latif

Associate Manager Marketing

Maaz Musa

Shahnam Saleem

Deputy Head, -DPC

Umair Majeed

Ayet Noor

Deputy Head, Dev-Fest

Ahsan Qureshi

Amna Sameen

Hamza Arshad

Deputy Head, Geek Wars

Adil Iqbal


Deputy Head Poster Desighning

Danyal Saeed

Muhammad Abeer

Deputy Head, Project competition

Raza Ahmad

Fahad Ijaz

Deputy Head, Cipher Cryptography

Burhan ud Din

Ahmed Aleem

Usama Rashid

Deputy Head, Gaming

Muhammad Ahmad Khan

Deputy Head, Lan Party

Naimat Ullah

Muhammad Shuzub Gull

Muneeb Shahid Jutt

Deputy Head, Infra & Logistics

Habiba Shahid

Maha Shahid

Deputy Head Reception

Zeeshan Cheema

Muhammad Rehan

Deputy Head Security

Ezza Jamil

Ayesha Mubashir

Associate Heads, Interior Decoration

Muhammad Ali Hashmi

Deputy Head, Interior Decorations

Ameera Khan

Hammad Fozi

Deputy Head, Invitation & Documentation

Faizan Ahmed

Ahmed Allaudin

Deputy Head, Media & Promotions

Saram Ali

Ahsan Munir

Deouty Head, Photography

Hamza Khan

Ayeza Tanvir

Deputy Head, Office & Registration

Mahnoor Ali

Hassam Shahid

Deputy Head, Accommodation & Participant Relations

Ahmar Awan

Zainab Bukhari

Deputy Head, Ceremonies

Aqsa Bajwa

Alina Farooq

Deputy Incharge Ambassador Drive

Shehzad Ali

Deputy Head, Food Court


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